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Unique needs require a personal touch

Premium Strata is Sydney’s only Diamond-Class strata management agency. Located in Surry Hills, but servicing the entire Sydney Metropolitan area, our unique service features provide a comprehensive solution to the needs of both strata and community living.

With over 20 years experience managing a range of property types –– from residential apartments to mixed-use and commercial/industrial properties –– we provide a premium service.

Our Diamond Service Plan combines absolute professionalism with genuine personal touch, because every living situation is different, and every community’s needs are unique.

What makes Premium Strata a prestige service?

Our Strata Managers, all fully licensed, are assigned smaller portfolios to allow them to respond to your enquiries personally and efficiently. Their hands-on approach ensures a positive result. They have something most strata managers lack – the time to give clients a level of service they deserve.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of their scheme is being managed flawlessly.

Our Diamond Class Service

Commitment to industry-leading service standards is the core of everything we do. We:

  1. Return all phone calls by close of business
  2. Respond to all emails by close of business on the same day
  3. Raise work orders within 24 hours (emergencies actioned immediately)
  4. Reply to correspondence in a detailed and timely manner
  5. Provide monthly financial reporting to the Strata Committee to assist in planning repairs and maintenance
  6. Process weekly payments of all creditor invoices to ensure your contractors are paid on time and within the payment terms
  7. 24-hour emergency assistance provided to all residents, by an appointed licensed strata manager
  8. Regular updates on all items resolved at meetings and any interim issues

Our trial period guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service arising from a breach of duty within the initial first six months of signing up with us, we will happily terminate our agreement and refund the once off set up fees paid on commencement of the initial term.

Beyond the benchmark is Premium Strata’s standard

Fully conversant with statutory reporting requirements, Premium Strata ensures that your scheme is fully compliant with current legislation. We understand the importance of accurate, timely, financial data in decision-making related to your scheme.

For this reason you can be assured of clear and comprehensive monthly financial reports, enabling committee members/owners to remain up to date on the financial well-being of the scheme.
If you are in the market for a Diamond Class strata solution, we invite you to give Premium Strata a call today on 02 9281 6440 or obtain a quote here.

Why Choose Premium Strata

Manage Differently

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All-Inclusive Fees

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24/7 Web Access

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Industry Experience

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Financial Reporting

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Diamond Class Service

Commitment to industry-leading service standards is in the core of everything we do. Read more >>