NSW: Q&A Access to the Communal Fuse Box in our Apartment Building


Question: For some reason, I have a key to the communal Fuse Box in our apartment building and I have been providing access for tenants who trip their fuse. I’m just trying to help. Why is this a problem?

Answer: Fortunately, the strata manager has issued a notice to comply with the peaceful enjoyment bylaw as the owners corporation should be enforcing the by-laws.

Usually, no-one is given the key for WH&S reasons – if unlicensed persons enter into the main switch room, this can result in a wrong switch(es) etc being turned, electrocution and so on.

Technically, you do not have rights to access or grant access to the common property fuse box in the apartment building and the key belongs to the owners corporation (though you are trying to be helpful to your neighbours and inadvertently acquired the key).

We also consider it harsh to expect tenants to call out electricians merely to flip a tripped switch – however, there are liability issues you may be exposing yourself and the owners corporation to.

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