Q&A: A Sample Motion for upcoming AGM

Question: I have to write a motion for our upcoming general meeting. I was wondering if I could get a sample motion as I have never written a motion before. Answer: You could start with the below template. THAT The Owners – Strata Plan No. XXXX *RESOLVE/*SPECIALLY RESOLVE to *Delete which does not apply A…

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NSW: Q&A Owners Corporation Meetings – Times and Frequency

  Question: Are there rules concerning the actual time of day when an AGM is held? Answer: The timing should not “intentionally” be selected to prevent certain owners from attending. Though the strata legislation is silent on the point, some general rules do apply. While the timing of the AGM is at the discretion of…

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Attention Developers: Why you need a strata managing agent!

  Strata Managers are trained professionals with the thorough knowledge and expertise required to ensure proper and timely compliance with a litany of legal, notice, meeting, accounting, capital works fund and administration fund monetary requirements relevant to your strata development. One-stop-shop With licenced strata manager, all matters relating to the scheme can be directed to…

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NSW: Q&A How long can member hold positions in executive committee?

  Question: How long can a strata committee member or chairperson hold positions in executive committee? Also, can the committee engage designers without lot owners agreeing to this appointment? Answer: No this is not permissible. Only one of them can seek nomination. As you may know, the number of members is determined annually at each…

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NSW: Q&A The Procedure for Appointing a New Strata Manager

  Question: We are lot owners in a small 8 lot commercial strata building. What is the procedure for appointing a new strata manager? What happens if this procedure is not followed? Answer: It is critical that the termination of the current manager be effected strictly in accordance with the strata management agency agreement which…

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Ask Premium Strata – Unit Entitlements

Unit Entitlements Q: I would like to clarify the following: 1. Does owning a garage attached to a unit entitle the unit holder to have 2 votes? I thought that garage was a utility lot designed primarily for storage of goods or cars. As a result of this I am constantly outvoted on issues as…

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Ask Premium Strata – AGM Timing

AGM Timing Q: What are the rules concerning the actual time of day when a AGM is held? Last year ours was commenced at 3pm with the consequence that only 7 out of 24 lot owners were able to attend? A: Though the strata legislation is silent on the point, some general rules do apply….

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NSW Q&A: Unbalanced Strata Unit Entitlements Affecting Maintenance

Question: One family owns 61% of our scheme and use their strata unit entitlements NSW to block the committee and let the scheme run down. Would this situation be classed as dysfunctional? Answer: If the 61% family prevents the Owners Corporation from complying with its statutory obligations, then this would be a strong argument for…

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Q&A: How appoint new strata manager before AGM?

A LookUpStrata reader in NSW wanted a step by step guide on the procedure to resign their current strata manager and appoint a new one. Their AGM is not scheduled to happen for some time, and the reader wanted to know whether they have to wait with the appointment of the new strata manager until then?…

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Q&A: Confirmation of minutes from previous AGM

We provided a response to a LookUpStrata readers question. The owner wanted to know whether it was always required to have a motion covering the minutes of the previous meeting. The short answer is that this is indeed the case. Read the full question and our response by following this link.

Q&A: Are executive committee paper resolutions legal?

Leanne has provided a response to a reader’s question received by LookUpStrata. The reader wanted to know whether an Executive Committee is allowed to pass so-called paper resolutions, rather than passing resolutions a during physical meeting.s You can read the full question, and Leanne’s response by clicking here.