NSW: Q&A Strata approval for renovations – What is the process and how do we start?

Question: I’m concerned about the correct process of strata approval for renovations in our scheme. Renovations involving waterproofing isn’t being considered a major work under the new legislation, and therefore not being considered by the Owners Corporation as a special resolution. I’m a member of a Strata Committee in an apartment complex which was registered…

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NSW: Q&A Can’t Get Access from Neighbour to Install NBN

  Question: The owner of my neighbouring unit refuses to allow access to his roof space so I can install NBN to my apartment. Can he be forced to allow access? Answer: The NBN technician will know what statutory rights. The NBN technician will know what statutory rights to access he has for his carrier…

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NSW: Q&A Who Do I Contact for Repairs to Common Property?

  Question: Is it allowable/acceptable to get in touch directly with strata manager for unit repairs to common property, rather than go through the executive committee? Answer: Yes, because in all likelihood, before the strata manager issues a work order for the repairs (subject to the extent of repairs), the strata manager will seek approval…

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