NSW Q&A: Who is Responsible for Exclusive Elevators?

Question: Who is responsible for a home lift totally located within the airspace of a strata unit, not accessible to any other unit owner and used exclusively by the owners/occupants of the residential unit? Is it the Owners Corporation or the Unit Owners? Answer: It is difficult to determine with any precision whether the subject…

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NSW: Q&A Can We Store our Bicycle on the Ceiling of the Balcony?

Question: Can you hang your bicycle from the ceiling of the balcony in a strata apartment? We have nowhere else to store the bike. Answer: You should check your by-laws in case there is a “storage” or “balcony” by-law which might prohibit such storage. Not without the permission of the Owners Corporation because hanging things…

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NSW: Q&A Smoke Drift From Neighbour Who Smokes Outside

Question: How do we handle the other duplex lot owners who smoke outside their lot. Smoke drifts over the dividing fence and into my aging father’s lot. We are looking for information about how to handle the other lot owners who smoke in the back yard of their duplex. The smoke drifts over the dividing…

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