NSW: Q&A Exclusive Use of Common Property

Question: An ordinary resolution passed in 1991 at a general meeting voted to allow owners to park on common property and gave them allocated spaces. Do these owners have exclusive use rights of the common property? Answer: As no by-law was created, no exclusive use was validly created. This is a complex legal question, however,…

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NSW: Q&A Children and Noise Complaints in Apartments

Question: Are children excluded or exempted from breaching any provisions in the Strata Schemes Management legislation or any By-Law Clauses of the Strata Plan? Answer: Occupiers of the lot are responsible to ensure no noise may interfere with someone else’s use of their lot or common property. In our view it is not that they…

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NSW: Q&A EGM Motions on an Agenda

  Question: What are the protocol and procedures for dealing with requests from a Lot owner for an EGM and a motion on the agenda? Answer: Instead of convening a meeting specifically for the requirement, you may place the motion on an agenda for the next general meeting No. Schedule 1 Clause 4 (3) requires the Secretary…

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