Our Story

The year was 2007. Leanne had been involved in real estate and property management for over a decade. From early adulthood, she had a clear vision of exactly the career she wanted to pursue. Now the time had come to take a fresh direction.

Years of working with some of Sydney’s bigger strata management agencies had certainly developed Leanne’s skills, but it also left her feeling frustrated. Sure, she had been successful and delivered results beyond expectation. So, what was her reward? A broad portfolio of prestige properties in name locations that look great on the CV. But what happens to service quality when you don’t have time for your clients?

For Leanne, the answer was Premium Strata. You make the time. Smaller portfolios and a hand-picked team of fully licensed professionals, all intent on one thing – premium service. That’s where it all began back in 2007, and nothing has changed since. Of course the company has grown, both in size and reputation, but so has the team. Meanwhile, the quality of service remains as it has always been – premium.

Now Leanne has Inger alongside her, sharing the direction of the company, and the vision. Exciting days lie ahead as Premium Strata continues to refine its Diamond Class Service, challenging the entire strata and community industry to lift its game.