All repairs to your unit or common property areas must be reported to your Strata Manager, and your request submitted in writing, either by email/fax or post. In the event of an emergency outside office hours please contact 02 9281 6440 or refer to the emergency trades list prepared by our office and displayed in the common area of your building.

You can also report the repair on our website by completing the Work Order Form.

If the area requiring repair is part of common property, please report the repair to our office for consideration.

Should you require a replacement or additional security key or remote you are required to submit your written request to our office.

The Security Key/remote application form can be downloaded from our website.

You must submit your request in writing, enclosing a copy of a completed application form and attaching the supporting documents required. Once the application has been received it will be sent to the strata committee for their consideration. A general meeting will then be called to officially approve the application, subject to all parties reaching agreement on any special by-laws that may be required.

The Works/Alterations Application form can be downloaded from our website.

The Strata Committee is appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for your scheme. The Committee is comprised of a minimum of 1 member and a maximum of 9.
Should a Committee member leave the Strata Committee prior to the next AGM, you may apply to fill the vacant position.

Should you wish to nominate yourself to the Strata Committee you can do so by completing the Strata Committee nomination form on our website.

You should first check your by-laws before committing to a pet.
Subject to the by-laws, you may be required to complete the pet application form for consideration by the owners’ corporation.

The Pet application form can be found on our website.

In order for our office to change your contact details and update the Strata roll, your request must be submitted to our office in writing, via email or fax.

You can complete the Owner Update form sent to you in our Welcome Pack, or you may wish to use our online form.

Information on how to pay your strata levies can be found at the bottom of your levy notice. You can pay your levies by Bpay, cheque or via the telephone option through the DEFT payment system.

You can also pay your levies via our website.

Levies should be paid by the due date listed on your levy notice. If you do not pay your levies within 30 days after the due date, 10% interest is charged on the outstanding amount as per the “Strata Schemes Management Act”.

Individual car spaces are private property and therefore the owner of the space is required to find the owner of the vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE – visitor parking spaces are not for the use of residents or owners. These spaces are strictly for the use of short-term visitors only.