Strata For Developers

Premium Strata’s Diamond Class Development Solution

Premium Strata offers developers a COMPLIMENTARY set-up solution. Like you, we know that the wrong choice of strata management could put your whole investment at risk. With Premium Strata’s free set-up you can be sure your building and your people are set for life.

Choose right and grow strong.

The Premium Strata team is absolutely professional. Knowledgeable, resourced and efficient, we manage your scheme down to the finest detail. Diamond Class delivers enduring quality. You will not find better.

What You Can Expect from Diamond Class Development Solution

  • Prepare, arrange and facilitate the first Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare budgets
  • Source quotes for building insurance
  • Source quotes for services – cleaning, maintenance, lawn & garden
  • Arrange insurance cover according to the Strata Schemes Management Act
  • Advise on how to set up a management committee
  • Advise on duties and direction of management committee
  • Implement regulatory requirements (ABN / GST registration)
  • Arrange and attend the inaugural General Meeting
  • Supply Section 184 Certificates (subject to statutory fee)

The essence of our service offering is this: all our managers are fully licensed and always available to receive and action requests, to advise and assist. With over 20 years combined professional management experience on call, you can be sure of a solution that meets your needs.

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