May 2018

We have an exciting few weeks ahead of us at Premium Strata. Florence Yang will be joining our team on May 28 as our new Financial Controller. Florence has many years’ experience and we can’t wait for her to join us. Also keep an eye out for our new website, complete with our fresh take on current issues in the strata industry. – Read More

March 2018

We would like to welcome three new starters to the ever-expanding Premium Strata team this month! Shelly and Reema joined us as assistant strata managers, and Jacqueline is our new receptionist. We are very excited to have them on board.

We have covered the new window-safety regulations a number of times in the past, but this month the new rules came into effect. If you have any questions, please contact your strata manager. – Read More

February 2018

We hope that you had a great break and feel refreshed for the year ahead. We certainly are! We are looking forward to another big year, with a few big milestones ahead of us. We will keep you informed through this newsletter. – Read More

November 2017

Recently we celebrated 10 years of Premium Strata! From humble beginnings to what we are today, all thanks to you: our valued clients! So much has changed over the past decade, and we are very proud of what we have achieved and what we continue to stand for: industry leading service backed by our obligation free trial period, backed by our Diamond Class Service. You can read more about 10 years Premium Strata in this month’s lead article. – Read More

October 2017

We are great supporters of the Property Industry Reforms as proposed by the Department of Fair Trading. These changes, which are expected to come into effect mid-2018, will introduce a number of improvements which will help further protect consumers and enhance the Real Estate and Strata industries.

Some of the key proposed changes include: a simplified licenses structure; increased requirements to obtain a license, increased responsibility of the licensee in charge to properly supervise their employees; a new system for continuing professional development, and new powers to suspend or cancel licences of dodge agents further protecting consumers. You can read more on these proposed changed here. –  Read More

September 2017

A few weeks ago, Leanne had the pleasure of presenting to the Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc (ISNSW) during their annual members event. The ISNSW represents land surveying, engineering and mining surveying professionals in New South Wales. Surveyors are typically responsible for setting up new developments before the strata plan is registered.

Our presentation focused on commonly overlooked practical issues that can arise in the set-up of a new development, including a mixed use scheme (consisting of both residential and commercial lots).

If not done correctly, issues can arise after the strata plan registration, causing challenges for the Owners Corporation and Strata Managers. Some of the critical documents relevant to all strata schemes include strata plans, the notations made on a plan, and the strata by-laws which govern the rules around the day to day management and housekeeping matters. We highlighted areas of concern with these documents and provided tips for surveyors to consider when setting up a strata scheme to avoid these issues from arising. – Read More

August 2017

After our successful first owner’s seminar, it is full steam ahead for us here at Premium Strata.

In this newsletter, you will find articles on common mistakes people new to strata living make; a response we provided to a reader’s question about the duties of a treasurer; and an explanation of the requirements around strata records keeping. – Read More

July 2017

On Monday we had our very successful ‘Smarter Strata’ owner seminar at the Grand Central Room at the Mercure Hotel in Sydney’s CBD.

We had a full house with over 100 people attending this information session. We organised this event to help owners understand how the Strata Reforms introduced late last year, may impact strata living. – Read More

June 2017

This month we present you with the third installment in our series of bite-sized articles covering popular topics. In our headline article we cover smoking in strata buildings.

As always, you will also find a number of other strata related articles which we believe might be of interest to you. – Read More

May 2017

This month we present you with the second installment in our series of bite-sized articles covering popular topics. In our headline article we cover parking in strata buildings and whether an Owners Corporation is allowed to tow vehicles in breach of by-laws.

There are also a number of other strata related articles which we believe might be of interest to you. – Read More

April 2017

Undoubtedly, you have heard a lot about the recently introduced new strata legislation. Over the coming weeks we will publish a number of bite-sized articles covering popular topics, such as smoking and car parking. Each publication will explain the current rules. Today we start with the keeping of animals.

In addition, we are planning a number of information sessions over the course of this year, in which we will talk you through the recent strata law changes and how these might affect you. We will inform you via this newsletter once we have confirmed details. – Read More

March 2017

With the National Broadband Network passing more and more households, an increasing amount of you will be migrating to the NBN. Many do not realise that fire alarms and lift phones in your building will also be affected. The migration of these safety-critical services will not happen automatically. Our feature article offers a guide to migrating these lines to the NBN. – Read More

February 2017

We were honored and excited to have been interviewed by the Australian Business Executive. The article titled “Premium Strata: Diamond Guarantee” was published in the Q1 2017 edition of their magazine.

We discussed the history of Premium Strata, the points of difference Premium Strata is offering our customers, the recently introduced legislative changes in NSW, and the challenges the strata management industry is faced with today. For the full article, please refer to this month’s headline article. – Read More

November 2016

After a lengthy consultation period, on 30 November the new strata laws will come into effect.

As you know, at Premium Strata we have been working hard to train our staff, update our templates and refresh our procedures to ensure we are fully compliant from the start. We would like to thank our team and our partners for their tireless efforts.

Due to the significance of this event, we decided to re-publish our article covering the 7 key changes under this reform, as our headline article. It is important that you are aware of the changes. – Read More

October 2016

We are working hard to ensure all our systems and procedures comply with the legislative changes that come into effect on 30 November. Less than 7 weeks to go!

We are very pleased to welcome Stella McWiggan who joined us as a licensed senior strata manager. With over 15 years in the real estate and property industry, Stella is another highly experienced strata manager who joined the growing team. – Read More

September 2016

This month’s feature article explains the difference between a Strata Manager, Building Manager and Property Manager. A building manager is someone who is usually stationed onsite and oversees cleaning and maintenance services. The building manager should work closely with the strata manager to ensure the best results for your property. – Read More

August 2016

After a lengthy consultation period, 30 November 2016 is the day that the much-anticipated, and some would say overdue, strata reforms will come into effect.

There are more than 90 changes to the NSW Strata Management Act, some of which have been controversial. While consumers were expecting sweeping changes to strata legislation, the Strata Schemes Management Act, 2015 (NSW) has largely re-enacted existing strata laws with some new legal concepts or changes under categories. – Read More

July 2016

This month we would like to raise our social media channels to your attention.
Did you know we frequently post articles on our website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages? Not all articles make it into our newsletter, so if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Strata, why not Like or Follow us? Click the links at the top right, or at the bottom of this newsletter. – Read More

June 2016

We would like to share some positive feedback we received from one of our owners. The owner’s building was involved in a complicated insurance matter requiring very costly remedial works. Premium Strata lodged a claim with the building’s insurer as we thought the owners had good grounds for a claim. After several weeks of working closely with the insurance assessor and providing them with the necessary information, the owners were advised that the insurer had accepted indemnity. This was a fantastic result for the Owners Corporation. – Read More

May 2016

We continue to be busy with preparing for the legislative changes which are expected to be implemented later this year. We aim to be ready for all new requirements well before they become law, and as a result we are currently reviewing all our processes and procedures. – Read More

April 2016

Welcome to our very first newsletter! We are very excited and hope you will find it useful and will enjoy reading it. – Read More