October 2022 Newsletter


Building industry reform is now gathering momentum with the introduction of a new insurance product called Latent Defects insurance (LDI).

Previously there was no insurance for structural defects with home buyers in the apartment sector.

This insurance is not retrospective and applies to only new projects where the insurance and the associated inspection requirements are in place.

In the words of NSW Building Industry Commissioner David Chandler-

“The compass is turning in favour of consumers in the NSW Government quest to restore purchaser confidences off the plan apartment buildings.

Halloween is a great time for kids and the community to get together and share some treats. Living in a strata building can be tricky as access can restrict the children from trick-or-treating door to door.

Strata community are coming together so the residents living in the building and surrounding communities can enjoy Halloween together.

Halloween gives kids the opportunity to dress up and have fun. It can be as simple as using a bed sheet to look like a ghost. Or going to a costume shop for a more elaborate Halloween outfit like your favourite superhero

Another great benefit for people living in strata buildings is meeting your neighbours. This helps to build a sense of community and for kids to make friends with other kids in the building.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween in your strata community, it’s all about getting together with your neighbours and sharing a fun time with the family.

Premium Strata is wishing your strata community Happy Halloween


Recent torrential rain along the east coast of Australia and in Sydney has sparked renewed fears of mould in people’s apartments, which can cause dangerous health problems. Moulds are fungi – microbes like viruses or bacteria. There are some microbes in every building and they’re usually harmless. In a damp or water-damaged environment, toxic mould species can grow and release spores that can cause health problems if inhaled.

Research shows dampness, mould and related airborne particles are associated with a range of adverse health outcomes, including increased risks of asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections and symptoms.

The World Health Organisation advises no level of exposure to mould can be considered safe for health. At the first signs of mould in your apartment should be taken seriously and action taken to remove it quickly. Prevention is always better than the cure.

 There are some simply tips you can do to help minimise the impact of mould.  Keep your apartment ventilated,  to allow constant air flow.

keeping the apartment dry and free of dust. Take steps to fix any leaks to taps, dishwashers and other areas where water can leak. Use extractor fans and if mould is a major issue you can even consider using a dehumidifier. Lastly clean condensation from your windows. Once the mould has taken hold using a microfiber cloth to remove the mould.

Q & A

Question: Can parking offenders be towed from common property?

In NSW the Owners Corporation has the power to tow vehicles
Under the NSW strata legislation, the Owners Corporation has received powers to tow vehicles in breach of by-laws. On the downside, the Owners Corporation must tolerate the offending vehicle for at least five days before it may take action.

Upon service of a compliant “removal notice”, a car that blocks an exit or entrance or proper use of the common property may now lawfully be moved by the Owners Corporation and the Owners Corporation may make application to NCAT to recover its costs.

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