Is a by-law prohibiting AirBnB accommodation lawful?

Is a by-law prohibiting AirBnB accommodation lawful? After some 3 years of community and industry consultation, last Tuesday, the NSW government announced its proposed new laws to empower Owners Corporations to ban AirBnB rentals and similar online short-term letting accommodation. Residents will remain unaffected by the proposed new laws. In other words, owners and tenants…

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Common mistakes people new to strata living make (NSW)

Jimmy T from the Flat-Chat website posted this informative article covering typical mistakes made by people who are new to strata living. The top 10 Forgetting about Strata Levies as part of your budget Not getting involved with the management of the strata building Not complaining about noise in the building Assuming, and blindly believing…

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NSW Q&A: What to do about noise complaints?

A LookUpStrata reader was told by her strata manager that the water pump on the other side of her bedroom wall was within the required limits. The Council inspector who came to measure the noise also confirmed that there was no case for them to take action. She wanted to know if there is anything else…

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Q&A: Neighbours causing light nuisance

Leanne has provided a response to a reader’s question received by LookUpStrata. The reader wanted to know what can be done about a bright light shining into their strata unit at night, and keeping them awake. Considering this is light pollution, as a first step the owner should seek mediation. You can read the question, and…

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10 Signs your unit was a good investment

The Domain has written a nice article summarising 10 proof points confirming that you purchased a strata unit in a good block: The entrance hallway or foyer should be clean, bright and welcoming. The lifts should be clean and graffiti free. Neighbours greet each other with a smile Social activities are organised in your block,…

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Quiz on Noise in Strata Buildings

We came across this Flat Chat Quiz on noise in strata titled buildings, and thought you might enjoy it. Hit this link, and let us know how you go! At the bottom of the article you’ll find a link to the NSW Environment Protection Agency, titled ‘Dealing with neighbourhood noise‘, with handy tips and advice.

Noise issues in Strata Schemes

Noise is one of the most common cause of complaints within residential strata buildings. Complaints may involve noise from hard floors and lack of appropriate floor coverings, mechanical noise from air-conditioning equipment, motor vehicles and alarms, noise from renovation works, noise from activities such as parties and music and noise from barking dogs and other…

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