Your guide to Pets in NSW Strata

Despite the highly anticipated “pet-friendly” amendments to the new strata legislation, animals are still not automatically permitted in strata schemes unless they are assistance animal as referred to in section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 of the Commonwealth. So, you have a statutory right to keep an assistance animal within strata. However, if your animal is…

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How do new strata laws impact DIY renovators?

We covered this in an earlier article on the imminent strata law changes. however we thought this article was worthwhile sharing. In this article, Jimmy Thomson from the Flat Chat column in the Domain explains how DIY renovators need to be mindful that many activities will need prior approval by the strata committee before commencement of…

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Q&A: Neighbours cigarette butts – what can I do?

Leanne has provided a response to a reader’s question received by LookUpStrata. The reader has residents of higher apartments who overlook her balcony, dump waste and cigarettes butts over their balustrades, which end up in her outdoor area. Naturally, the reader wanted to understand what can be done. You can read the full question, and Leanne’s response…

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Q&A: Common Property Plant Theft

A Look Up Strata reader asked what can be done about theft of plants from common property gardens in strata buildings. Without knowing the perpetrator it is difficult to pursue action, however there are a number of steps an owners corporation can take. Read Leanne’s response in the original article by clicking here.

Q&A: Who is responsible for floorboards in a unit?

Our CEO, Leanne Habib, provided a response to a LookUpStrata reader’s question regarding sanding and polishing floorboards. In short the answer is ‘it depends’. If the flooring was installed at the time of construction, has not been altered since by an individual owner(s) and is affixed to the common property floor slab within your lot,…

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Letterbox theft in Strata Buildings

Michael Pobi from Pobi Lawyers has written an interesting article about the theft of mail from strata titled buildings. Whether letterboxes are part of Common Property depend on how your specific strata scheme was registered. The registered strata plan for your building will show you the common property boundaries and lot property in the scheme….

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10 Signs your unit was a good investment

The Domain has written a nice article summarising 10 proof points confirming that you purchased a strata unit in a good block: The entrance hallway or foyer should be clean, bright and welcoming. The lifts should be clean and graffiti free. Neighbours greet each other with a smile Social activities are organised in your block,…

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