NSW: Repeated Breaches – The Washings on the Line!

  Question: What action can the Strata Committee take to impose compliance for breaches? A lot owner is amplifying her non-compliance in response to being advised to cease her laundry drying practices. Answer: Issue a notice to comply and then pursue the matter through NCAT. The owner is clearly in breach of the by-law, so…

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NSW: Q&A Water Dripping Over Balcony From the Neighbour Above

  Question: How can I stop my upstairs neighbour from washing down their outdoor area, sometimes with bleach, causing water dripping over my balcony? This disturbs the use of my property. What rights do I have to make them stop? Answer: Your neighbour may not use their lot in such a way that causes nuisance…

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Q&A: Replacement of unsafe balconies

This LookUpStrata readers question from a lot owner concerns maintenance of common property and requirements to replace unsound balconies with like for like, rather than cheaper alternatives as preferred by the other owners (without balconies). Hit this link to read Leanne’s response.

Q&A: Neighbours cigarette butts – what can I do?

Leanne has provided a response to a reader’s question received by LookUpStrata. The reader has residents of higher apartments who overlook her balcony, dump waste and cigarettes butts over their balustrades, which end up in her outdoor area. Naturally, the reader wanted to understand what can be done. You can read the full question, and Leanne’s response…

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Window and balcony safety video

The Department of Fair Trading has produced a series of short videos. The first two in the series are about the simple things you can do around your home to prevent these falls. They include easy step-by-step instructions on how to install window safety devices yourself. The third video in the window safety series helps…

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