Common mistakes people new to strata living make (NSW)

Jimmy T from the Flat-Chat website posted this informative article covering typical mistakes made by people who are new to strata living. The top 10 Forgetting about Strata Levies as part of your budget Not getting involved with the management of the strata building Not complaining about noise in the building Assuming, and blindly believing…

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Changes to Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL)

This Flat Chat article in the Domain explains changes in the way the so-called Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) is raised. From 1 July 2017, the annual fire services levy will be collected via council rates rather than via buildings insurance. This will ensure the FESL will be spread more evenly across a broader slice of…

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Q&A: How organise strata roof repair?

We provided another response to a LookUpStrata readers question. The reader recently moved into a strata building, and wanted to know how to go about organising a roof repair with limited funds available in the sinking fund. In summary, the roof is common property and as such a repair should be requested by the Executive Committee and…

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Q&A: Is there a limit regarding strata levy increases?

This is one from the archives: a LookUpStrata reader wanted to understand whether there are any restrictions regarding the increase of strata levies to boost a sinking fund, and whether there is a limit to the frequency at which special levies are raised. Read the full question, and our detailed response by following this link.

Why a good strata manager matters

Jimmy Thomson from the Flat-Chat website wrote a great post on the importance of good strata managers. “Fair Trading … received 800 enquiries about strata managers and 48 official complaints last financial year – a rise of 50 percent on 2014-2015.” “Strata schemes can be cash cows where, often, investors vote for the lowest cost option…

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Are low strata levies always a good thing?

In a previous article we wrote, titled Strata Fees, Strata Levies, Management Fees. What’s the difference?, we explained that the amount you pay in strata levies are typically dependent on three factors: the location and quality of your building and the facilities offered. Levies can be kept artificially low in a number of ways. For example,…

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Special Levies, who pays? Buyer or seller?

In a previous article, we explained what Special Levies are and how they are calculated. Please hit this link if you would like to refresh your memory. But who is responsible to pay the Special Levies when purchasing an apartment? Is it the Vendor or the Purchaser? This article, explains the ins & outs. Even Though it…

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