Common mistakes people new to strata living make (NSW)

Jimmy T from the Flat-Chat website posted this informative article covering typical mistakes made by people who are new to strata living. The top 10

  1. Forgetting about Strata Levies as part of your budget
  2. Not getting involved with the management of the strata building
  3. Not complaining about noise in the building
  4. Assuming, and blindly believing what others say
  5. Not reading your bylaws
  6. Believing that as owner you can do as you please with your unit
  7. Thinking visitors parking is more like ‘spare’ parking spots
  8. Assuming the rules only apply to tenants
  9. Believing local council noise rules supersede by-laws
  10. Thinking there are too many rules

To read more information on each of these, hit the link provided above!