Building Management Services

Premium Building Management takes action to ensure the day-to-day running of your building is professionally managed by a skilled and experienced building manager. Our people are trained to partner with clients, acting at all times with integrity and personal initiative. If you are looking to implement an effective building management strategy, you would do well to speak with us.

A Premium Building Management building manager will:

  • be in attendance during business hours (other times can be negotiated)
  • deal with complaints, enquiries or requests from residents, ensuring the best assistance or advice is always on hand
  • monitor and, if required, document movements into and out of the building
  • report willful or unintended damage to the relevant authority
  • maintain a log of daily activities, which will be reported to the manager or Strata Committee monthly – or immediately if the matter is urgent
  • ensure levels of consumable stock – globes, filters, washers, spare parts for plant and equipment, garbage bags etc – are replenished as needed
  • notify the manager of incidents that may be the subject of an insurance claim for onward transmission to the manager

3 Reasons to Choose Premium Building Management

Reporting: A Premium Building Management building manager will set up records and implement procedural templates to report the day to day incidents, maintenance requests, quotations and suggestions. A comprehensive monthly report is prepared and submitted to management.

Maintaining: Premium Building Management building managers will maintain and update the Preventative Maintenance Contracts register to ensure the ongoing upkeep of the building. In addition, they monitor the performance of contractors and the frequency of the agreed visits/service, including providing access.

Communicating: The building manager is a vital link in the chain between management and residents. An efficient and proactive Premium Building Management building manager ensures that the chain of communication is strong, enabling management to make better informed decisions.

Your building is a significant asset that will lose value without proper supervisory care.
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