NSW: Q&A Strata approval for renovations – What is the process?

Question: If I replace my old window and the owners corporation decides to replace all windows in the future, will I be liable for the special levy?

I am about to renovate my unit and want to replace an old window with a louver. This process will cost about $5,000. I don’t mind paying, however, if strata want to replace all windows in the future, will I have to pay the special levy for the windows if my window is already replaced?

The committee have talked about replacing the windows for over 2 years, nothing has been done and I am just sick of waiting.

I am getting a bylaw made for my kitchen and bathroom renovations and am thinking I can just include the window replacement in this.

Answer: You may remain liable to contribute to the special levy

Yes, you may include your window works within one and the same by-law but the owners corporation may include a provision that if they do replace the windows, in case yours is not identical to their proposal (or potentially, if it is), that it is subject to replacement in the course of the owners corporation’s works (and therefore, you would remain liable to contribute to the special levy).

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