NSW: Q&A Can You Use Your Garage for Apartment Storage?


Question: I’m renting a unit in Brighton-Le-Sands, southern Sydney and I have a double garage. Can I use the garage for DIY projects rather than for parking of vehicles?

Answer: Seek strata permission through your strata manager or your strata committee.

It is advisable to seek strata permission through your strata manager (if you have one) or your strata committee. Depending on the type of DIY, you might be in breach of Council Development Consent for the building or the by-laws which apply to your scheme. Further, your projects may have insurance or fire or other health and safety implications for your scheme.

The rules which apply to your scheme are the by-laws and development consent for the building together with all relevant laws including the Strata Schemes Management Act, 2015 (NSW). You also need to comply with the terms of your residential lease and will need Landlord consent depending on the nature of your project. You should approach your strata managing agent (or strata committee) and your real estate agent/Landlord for guidance/permission.

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