Q&A: Can NSW Owners Corporation tow your car?

A Look Up Strata reader in NSW wanted to know whether his unregistered project vehicle, parked in his assigned parking space without causing any disturbance, can be towed away by the Owners Corporation. One of his neighbours warned him that if he didn’t move the vehicle within two weeks, the car would be towed of…

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Q&A: Are you allowed to live in your NSW Strata Garage?

A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know what can be done about tenants who use the garage of their strata unit in NSW as a spare bedroom, and wondered whether this was even legal. In summary, our response was that a garage is not deemed a “habitable” area and therefore, in all likelihood, the tenants are…

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Can an Owners Corporation tow vehicles?

We have written a new article about parking on common property. Under the new legislation, the Owners Corporation has finally received new powers to tow vehicles in breach of by-laws. On the downside, the Owners Corporation must tolerate the offending vehicle for at least five days before it may take any action. The new legislation…

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Q&A: Use of wrong allocated parking space

A LookUpStrata reader discovered they’d been using the wrong parking space and wanted to know what rights they have to get their actual allocated car parking space as per the contract of sale. In short, the strata plan allocations of car spaces will usually override any practices/use by the individual owners/occupiers. We recommended that the…

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Q&A: Parking issues in a Strata building

A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know what could be done about inappropriate parking behaviour by other residents. We recommend that they gather evidence and notify the strata manager or strata committee to enforce the by-laws applicable to the scheme. Steps could be taken for the Owners Corporation to enter into an agreement with local council for…

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Q&A: Apartment Parking Space Problems

Leanne provided a response to another reader’s question received by LookUpStrata. The reader wanted to know what to do in order to retain her tenants, who are having apartment parking space problems, and may vacate because of this. You can read the full question, and Leanne’s response by clicking here.  

NSW Strata Reform Position Paper Released

You may be aware that the NSW Government is proposing sweeping changes to the existing Strata Laws. The State Government has now released a so-called position-paper in which they outline their proposed changes. This law reform is aimed at protecting residents and at the same time simplify certain processes. This becomes increasingly important in NSW…

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