Ask Premium Strata – Owners Corp & Animals

  Owners Corporation & Animals Question: I was under the impression that there was legislation that said an Owner Corporation could not make laws to prohibit animals on any lot. However, it is important to have rules around common property and other sensible rules around owner and pet behaviour Could you please advise? Answer: An Owners…

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NSW: Q&A ‘No Animals Allowed’ – not even a companion animal

  Question: There are a number of very vocal apartment owners in my building who are against animals of any type, including a companion animal. Answer: If you can demonstrate your animal meets the requirements of a companion animal for the specific outlined range of disabilities, the Owners Corporation cannot prohibit the keeping of your…

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Your guide to Pets in NSW Strata

Despite the highly anticipated “pet-friendly” amendments to the new strata legislation, animals are still not automatically permitted in strata schemes unless they are assistance animal as referred to in section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 of the Commonwealth. So, you have a statutory right to keep an assistance animal within strata. However, if your animal is…

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10 Signs your unit was a good investment

The Domain has written a nice article summarising 10 proof points confirming that you purchased a strata unit in a good block: The entrance hallway or foyer should be clean, bright and welcoming. The lifts should be clean and graffiti free. Neighbours greet each other with a smile Social activities are organised in your block,…

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Quiz on Noise in Strata Buildings

We came across this Flat Chat Quiz on noise in strata titled buildings, and thought you might enjoy it. Hit this link, and let us know how you go! At the bottom of the article you’ll find a link to the NSW Environment Protection Agency, titled ‘Dealing with neighbourhood noise‘, with handy tips and advice.

Noise issues in Strata Schemes

Noise is one of the most common cause of complaints within residential strata buildings. Complaints may involve noise from hard floors and lack of appropriate floor coverings, mechanical noise from air-conditioning equipment, motor vehicles and alarms, noise from renovation works, noise from activities such as parties and music and noise from barking dogs and other…

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Keeping Pets in Strata Buildings

The keeping of pets in strata buildings often generate strong reactions from owners. Many buildings have adopted bylaws stating that the keeping of pets of any kind are not permitted. A pet can be defined as “a domesticated animal kept, looked after and fed for pleasure rather than utility”. However, what if the animals in…

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