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Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter!

We are great supporters of the Property Industry Reforms as proposed by the Department of Fair Trading. These changes, which are expected to come into effect mid-2018, will introduce a number of improvements which will help further protect consumers and enhance the Real Estate and Strata industries. 

Some of the key proposed changes include: a simplified licenses structure; increased requirements to obtain a license, increased responsibility of the licensee in charge to properly supervise their employees; a new system for continuing professional development, and new powers to suspend or cancel licences of dodge agents further protecting consumers. You can read more on these proposed changed here.

We hope you will enjoy this month's articles. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Leanne Habib, CEO
Inger Brettle, COO


What is new at Premium Strata?

Do you need to include explanatory notes for every motion on an agenda?

One of our clients wanted to know whether detailed explanatory notes were required for every motion on a meetings agenda. Despite the fact that explanatory notes are not compulsory, here at Premium Strata we consider the systematic use of explanatory notes to constitute best practice for maximum understanding, clarity and transparency.

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Q&A: Are you allowed to live in your NSW Strata Garage?

Inger Brettle, Premium Strata
A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know what can be done about tenants who use the garage of their strata unit in NSW as a spare bedroom, and wondered whether this was even legal.

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owners corporation decisions

To Vote Or Not To Vote? That Is The Question

Anna Minassian, J. S. Mueller & Co Lawyers
How is it possible for the strata committee to have power to make a decision when the legislation or a by-law says the decision must be made by the owners corporation?

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Consolidation of ByLaws

Consolidation of ByLaws, deadline is close!

Inger Brettle, Premium Strata
Following the commencement of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) the secretary of an owners corporation must keep a consolidated up to date copy of the by-laws for the strata scheme.

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Self Managed Schemes

Considerations when self-managing a strata scheme in NSW

Inger Brettle, Premium Strata
Is self managing your strata scheme really worth it? We take a look at the real benefits of engaging the services of a fully licensed strata manager.

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Latest News

SCA Education Spreads Its Wings: Strata Committee Training Course

Carole Anderson, SCA National
This comprehensive, national Strata Committee Training Course provides a practical overview of the role for existing Strata Community Committee Members and for Lot Owners who may intend to serve in a voluntary role on a Committee at a later date.

Owners Corporations in Sydney on the Brink of Huge Savings Under Waterfix Program

Strata Community Australia (NSW)
Under Sydney Water’s WaterFix ® program, owners corporations could be on the brink of saving tens of thousands on their water bills every year, and drastically decrease their impact on the environment.

Short term letting in NSW Strata Schemes: Can you? Or Can’t you?

Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers
To date there have been very few cases in the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal that dealt with by-laws prohibiting short term letting and the few cases prior to July 2017 have not been directly on point. So, are by-laws prohibiting short term letting in NSW prohibited?


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