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Welcome to our September newsletter!

This month's feature article explains the difference between a Strata Manager, Building Manager and Property Manager. A building manager is someone who is usually stationed onsite and oversees cleaning and maintenance services. The building manager should work closely with the strata manager to ensure the best results for your property.

Did you know that besides industry leading services as a strata managing agent, we can also arrange superb building management services through our associated company Premium Building Management?

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Leanne Habib, CEO
Inger Brettle, COO


What is new at Premium Strata?

Strata Manager, Building Manager, Property Manager. What is the difference?

The roles of a strata, building and property manager are often confused. We can't blame you! This article explains the differences, and the value in having your strata manager work closely with your building manager.

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NSW Proxy Votes

New Limits Imposed on Proxy Votes

Madison Marcus Law Firm
The amendments are designed to ensure no single owner has a majority of the votes and places a limit on the number of proxies that may be held by an individual.

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Parking space

Q&A Apartment Parking Space Problems

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: My tenants are having apartment parking space problems, and may vacate because of this. How can I resolve the issue so they will stay?

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resolution papers

Q&A: Are Executive Committee Paper Resolutions Legal?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Is our Executive Committee  allowed to pass so-called paper resolutions, rather than passing resolutions during a physical meeting?

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smoke free

Why You and Your Owners’ Corporation Should go Smoke-free

Non-Smokers’ Movement of Australia Inc is willing to assist and pay for the legal registration by ten Owners’ Corporations/ Strata Body Corporates of an effective smoke-free by-law, one which rules that the property is declared smoke-free.

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Latest News

Strata reforms information seminar (Green Square)

NSW Fair Trading - September 15 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Fair Trading will run information sessions and work with industry bodies to support strata schemes and update the Fair Trading website with comprehensive information on the reforms.

Strata Skills 101 – The New Executive Committee Member: Individual need or the collective good?

City of Sydney - September 20 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Have you ever considered representing your strata community on the executive committee? This workshop will provide an overview of the role of the executive committee and some useful strategies to address some common but often unexpected issues that arise for new executive committee members.

Q&A Circumstances Where You May Be Exempt From Registering Strata Bylaws

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Are there circumstances - like an order from local council - where you may be exempt from registering strata bylaws?

Review of strata bylaws will fail unless they are made easier to adopt

Jimmy Thomson, Domain
Tucked away in a corner of the new strata laws is a smart-thinking provision that threatens to be a complete waste of time. Quite simply, it says all owners’ corporations have to review their bylaws within a year of the laws coming into effect on November 30.


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