NSW Q&A: Are There Regulated Fees for Strata Roll Access?

Question: In NSW are fees regulated for providing strata roll access? Is there a standard fee that can be charged for lot owners to view the strata roll?

As a lot owner. I’d like to gain strata roll access to view the information contained on our strata roll. Is there a standard fee that can be charged for this, or is it up to each Strata Management Office?

Answer: Yes, all fees, including those for accessing the strata roll, are set out in the 2016 regulation

Yes, they are set out in the 2016 regulation:

Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 – Schedule 4

Item 2:

For making records available for inspection under section 182 of the Act –

$31 and an additional $16 for each half-hour or part of half-hour after the first hour of inspection.

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