NSW: Q&A Replacing All Bathroom Tiles Due to Common Property Defects


Question: Our bathroom’s waterproofing membrane has failed and is causing damage to the lot below. Should the Owners Corporation be responsible for all repairs, as these are only needed due to common property defects?

Answer: There is a very similar 1999 strata titles case.

There is a 1999 case where water had leaked into two lots below another lot so the owners corporation removed two rows of tiles to effect membrane repairs. The owners corporation was insistent that its obligations extended only to replacement of the 2 rows of titles it had removed. The Owner, however, wanted his entire balcony retiled.

An Adjudicator ordered that the owners corporation had to retile with tiles that matched as closely as possible in appearance and value so as not to detract from the appearance of the balcony floor or negatively impact on the value of the lot. Further, if reasonably matching tiles were not available and those non-matching tiles might detract from the appearance of the lot, the owners corporation was to retile the whole balcony.

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