NSW: Q&A Enforcing By-laws by Issuing Notices to Comply


Question: A resident pet owner does the right things cleaning up dog poo on common property but not within their own lot. How do we enforce clean up of their lot and stop the smell!

A lot owner has felt it necessary to draw the Strata Committee’s attention to repeated instances of pet faeces not being promptly cleaned up. The odour is abhorrent for neighbours and offensive to visitors entering our property.

We note that dog faeces is promptly taken care of within common property. However, what can be done to encourage dog owners to take the same immediate steps within their lot?

When asked they become as offensive and their dogs!

Answer: You should check your by-laws. It is likely that the smell would constitute a “nuisance” under the strata legislation

You should check your by-laws, as in our experience most pet by-laws impose on the owner of the pet the responsibility to clean up after the pet inside and outside of the lot and require that no malodour escapes from the lot.

Even if your by-laws or the owner’s pet approval does not specify the above, it is likely that the smell would constitute a “nuisance” under the strata legislation.

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