10 Signs your unit was a good investment

checklist clipboardThe Domain has written a nice article summarising 10 proof points confirming that you purchased a strata unit in a good block:

  1. The entrance hallway or foyer should be clean, bright and welcoming.
  2. The lifts should be clean and graffiti free.
  3. Neighbours greet each other with a smile
  4. Social activities are organised in your block, such as collective clean ups or a book club
  5. Noticeboards that are not just used for Strata updates, but also for dog-walking or babysitting services demonstrate a sense of community as well.
  6. No one ever parks illegally in your spot and there is almost always a free visitor parking space.
  7. Strata committee: you want them to be open, inclusive and welcoming. If they encourage you to come along and take part in discussions (even though you can’t vote) so much the better. If, however, it’s a closed shop with a tightly held membership run by a control-freak chairperson, then the best you can hope for is that they are at least efficient.
  8. Pets: A good building allows pets, provided their owners are well-behaved.
  9. Noise: A good building will root noisy, partying neighbours out, or at least use the power of the by-laws and council regulations to make them behave.
  10. Lots of buildings have their own Facebook pages that keep neighbours informed about what’s happening and what’s new in the area.