NSW: Q&A Can’t Get Access from Neighbour to Install NBN


Question: The owner of my neighbouring unit refuses to allow access to his roof space so I can install NBN to my apartment. Can he be forced to allow access?

Answer: The NBN technician will know what statutory rights.

The NBN technician will know what statutory rights to access he has for his carrier and whether or not he is permitted to access your neighbour’s land in the circumstances (which varies from property to property).

What is interesting in your scenario is that the roof tiles and the roof void will likely be common property (but you will need to confirm), in which case, if you can find an alternative access point (ie other than the front courtyard and perhaps use a eg scissor lift instead from your own property), it is possible that you will only need the authorisation of the Owners Corporation as the cables are running through the common property (not private property).

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