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Centreline Rule

Question: I have been reading up on your weekly posts regarding the ‘Centreline Rule’ for Strata Plans registered before 1974. I read that Bannermans Lawyers response was that the boundary between lots applies to walls, floors and ceilings etc. Do you agree? What’s your opinion, does it applies to floors?

Answer: Great to hear that you have been reading our weekly posts, in reply to your query, we advise that Bannermans Lawyers are correct.

The transitional provisions of the former Development Act state “where a boundary of any such lot would, if that plan had been validly registered under the former Act, have been, under section 4 (2) of the former Act, the centre of a floor, wall or ceiling, that boundary shall upon the registration of the plan and until it is altered in accordance with this Act be the supper surface of that floor, inner surface of that wall or the under surface of that ceiling, as the case may be.”

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