NSW: Q&A Resident Safety and Dealing with a Violent Visitor in Strata


Question: A regular visitor to our building has exhibited violent behaviour to lot owners and we are concerned about resident safety. How do we proceed to protect neighbouring lot owners?

Answer: It seems your only avenue would be to apply for an APVO – not APO.

Though we are not criminal lawyers, it seems your only avenue would be to apply for an APVO (this is an Apprehended Personal Violence Order – not AVO) because you do not have a personal relationship with the visitor.

These can be taken out against neighbours, as in your case. You would still need to report the incident to the police who might decide to apply for the APVO on your behalf. Should they not be inclined to do so, you may contact your local court and make a private/personal application. In the case of the latter option, you should seek legal advice.


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