NSW Q&A: Assistance Animals

Question: I have inherited a unit, that my cousin owned, (she passed in 2018) including her three cats, 1 of which has been there for 10 years, the others 4 years. It’s a unit with courtyard and yes the cats, generally live outside, but tend to stay in the boundaries, cause they are a little scared of strangers.

I have not had any complaints or letters asking me to remove the cats, but recently received a standard newsletter for the units, (all units got the newsletter) and in one small line, it said, Strictly no pets allowed.

I have seen numerous others in the complex, (which has over 200 units) walk in with smalls dogs,. cats in carriers.

So my question is, do I just continue living as we are and not say anything, until someone does say something, or do I bring it up with Strata and see what they say ?

I do have a hearing disability and found the cats are useful in alerting me if people are around or at the door, but they are obviously not assistance animals.

These units were built in 1997.

Answer: It is unclear whether or not you have a pet friendly building or if your late cousin obtained approval for her animals.

In any event, we recommend you explain your situation to your strata manager and ask for formal approval.


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