NSW: Q&A Proxies and Voting Rules for Owners Corporation Meetings

Question: My wife and I are co-owners. Do we really have to submit proxy forms for the other when only one of us attends a meeting?

My wife and I are co-owners. My reading of the act is that if one of us is not at the meeting then the other speaks and votes for us. The management says no, I must give her written proxy each time I am not there because my name is written first in the ownership document. Is that right? we are equal owners.

Answer: There are proxy rules in the case of co-ownership.

In case of co-ownership, the proxy may be one of the co-owners (or someone else) OR if no other co-owners show up, the co-owner who actually showed up OR if more than one co-owner turns up, they all consent to one of them being proxy OR if they don’t consent, the first named on the strata roll.

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