Keeping Pets in Strata Buildings

Group of pets - Dog, cat, bird, reptile, rabbit

The keeping of pets in strata buildings often generate strong reactions from owners. Many buildings have adopted bylaws stating that the keeping of pets of any kind are not permitted.

A pet can be defined as “a domesticated animal kept, looked after and fed for pleasure rather than utility”. However, what if the animals in question do not live and sleep in the owner’s lot?

An example that comes to mind are birds. We all probably know of buildings where lot owners feed the local bird community. Besides bird droppings, excessive noise early in the morning (cockatoos can be very loud and destructive!), another negative effect could be that any left over food attracts vermin.

Cockatoos on balcony in Elizabeth Bay, NSW, Australia

What can you do as a concerned lot owner?

Technically these birds are not pets, as they do not live and sleep in an owner’s lot. So how can concerned lot owners address such an issue? It is simpler as you would think: If enough lot owners share your concerns, your strata scheme can introduce a bylaw banning the feeding of birds or other ‘wild’ animals to avoid excessive noise, attracting rats and damage or mess to common property.

To get advice on how best to approach this and other issues, please contact your strata manager today!