Q&A: Use of wrong allocated parking space

A LookUpStrata reader discovered they’d been using the wrong parking space and wanted to know what rights they have to get their actual allocated car parking space as per the contract of sale. In short, the strata plan allocations of car spaces will usually override any practices/use by the individual owners/occupiers. We recommended that the…

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Q&A: Air-conditioning maintenance – who is responsible?

A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know who is responsible for maintaining an individual unit’s ducted air conditioning systems when their main components are located outside the Lot’s boundaries. The short answer is: it depends. The test for determining whose responsibility repair & maintenance befalls is whether or not there is an exclusive use by-law registered. You can…

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Q&A: Parking issues in a Strata building

A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know what could be done about inappropriate parking behaviour by other residents. We recommend that they gather evidence and notify the strata manager or strata committee to enforce the by-laws applicable to the scheme. Steps could be taken for the Owners Corporation to enter into an agreement with local council for…

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Q&A: Who’s responsible for retaining wall?

We provided a response to another LookUpStrata readers question. The reader wanted to know who is responsible for the repair of a retaining wall in the back yard of a strata-titled town house. Generally retaining walls are common property; however, this can vary from building to building. The strata plan will generally depict the boundaries of lot…

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Q&A: Confirmation of minutes from previous AGM

We provided a response to a LookUpStrata readers question. The owner wanted to know whether it was always required to have a motion covering the minutes of the previous meeting. The short answer is that this is indeed the case. Read the full question and our response by following this link.

True or False? New Strata Law Question #4

As we count down to the 30th of November, we wanted to test your knowledge of the new strata legislation through a number of quiz questions. Over the coming 2 weeks we will publish 5 questions and answers. Why not have a go? Today our fourth question: True or False? Current contracts with strata managers…

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Q&A: When exemption from registering strata by-laws?

This question from a lot owner concerning registering strata bylaws was submitted to LookUpStrata. Another owner in the building advised the Executive Committee that the local council had ordered him to convert the apartment, which was originally built as 2 units, back into one apartment. He subsequently started this work, including some upgrades. Our LookUpStrata…

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Q&A: How organise strata roof repair?

We provided another response to a LookUpStrata readers question. The reader recently moved into a strata building, and wanted to know how to go about organising a roof repair with limited funds available in the sinking fund. In summary, the roof is common property and as such a repair should be requested by the Executive Committee and…

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Q&A: Is there a limit regarding strata levy increases?

This is one from the archives: a LookUpStrata reader wanted to understand whether there are any restrictions regarding the increase of strata levies to boost a sinking fund, and whether there is a limit to the frequency at which special levies are raised. Read the full question, and our detailed response by following this link.

Q&A: Replacement of unsafe balconies

This LookUpStrata readers question from a lot owner concerns maintenance of common property and requirements to replace unsound balconies with like for like, rather than cheaper alternatives as preferred by the other owners (without balconies). Hit this link to read Leanne’s response.