Masks are now Mandatory in Shared Indoor Areas


All persons must wear masks on the common property and other shared areas from
Tuesday the 13th of July 2021

This requirement applies to the Greater Sydney Area

Shared property includes

  • Lobbies
  • Foyers
  • Lifts
  • Shared walkways
  • Garbage rooms
  • Garage areas
  • Reception areas
  • Mailbox areas
  • Stairwells
  • Shared facilities such as laundries, gyms and swimming pools

The requirement to wear masks applies to persons including:

  • All residents and visitors, carers
  • Staff such as building managers, cleaners, concierge
  • Delivery persons providing goods and services, including tradespeople and contractors
  • Delivery persons providing food, mail and parcels

For further information please seePublic Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Amendment (NO 4) Order 2021

Please note:

  • Residents do NOT need to wear masks inside their own apartments
  • This requirement does not apply to residences which do not have shared spaces

Leanne Habib                                        Inger Brettle
Chief Executive Officer                       Chief Operating Officer

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