Q&A: What to do when owners committee chairman resigns before the AGM?

Premium Strata meeting roomThis one is from the archives, but still of possible interest to you. A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know the correct procedure to follow after their Owners Committee chairman resigned before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

In summary, Leanne’s response explains that the number of members set at the last AGM cannot be changed until the next AGM. As such the Owners Corporation must appoint a person eligible for election as a member to fill the vacancy, for the balance of his or her predecessor’s term of office.

The Executive Committee have the power to fill the vacancy, this does not have to be referred to a General meeting. The Vacant position can be filled by either calling on written nominations from all owners or inviting an owner to self–nominate (if eligible for election), which than must be considered and approved at a properly convened Executive Committee meeting.

Read the full question and Leanne’s detailed response by following this link.