True or False? New Strata Law Question #5

artistic-arts-blue-business-159659As we count down to the 30th of November, we wanted to test your knowledge of the new strata legislation through a number of quiz questions. Over the coming 2 weeks we will publish 5 questions and answers. Why not have a go?

Today our fifth and final question:

True or False? Tenants can now vote at owners corporation meetings.

Answer: Tenants will have the right to attend and be notified of upcoming meetings. The owners corporation may agree to tenants speaking on a particular matter. However, a tenant may only vote if they hold a proxy to vote on a lot owner’s behalf. In schemes where a least half the lots are tenanted, a non-voting tenant representative can be nominated to the strata committee. This can be helpful so that tenants can identify issues, for example, repairs to fix water leaks affecting common property.

This concludes our quiz! Naturally this was intended as some light entertainment. If you have questions about any of the changes that are coming into effect in 2 days time, please do not hesitate to contact your strata manager.