Tenants attending strata meetings

colourful meeting speech balloonsThe team at Bannermans Lawyers have written this article summarising the requirements and rights of tenants in strata titled buildings:

  • A lot owner is required to lodge a tenancy notice with the owners corporation/managing agent if it leases the lot, as is the lessee if the lessee subleases.
  • The owners corporation/managing agent must record that information in the strata roll.
  • For tenants whose interest has been recorded:
    • Tenants may nominate a representative to the strata committee if at least half the lots in the scheme are leased, but:
    • Is not entitled to vote or nominate a person for office.
    • Cannot be elected to office.
    • Is not counted in determining whether there is a quorum.
  • At least 7 days before a general meeting is held, tenants must be given a copy of the agenda (not the full notice), although the by-laws may provide for placing it on a noticeboard.
  • A tenant is entitled to attend a general meeting, but:
    • Is not entitled to vote, unless by proxy.
    • Is not entitled to address the meeting, unless authorised by resolution.
    • Can be excluded while certain matters are determined, e.g. financial matters and matters concerning levies and recovery of unpaid levies.

This is based on current legislation, and might change once the new strata reform laws are introduced. Hit this link for the full article!