Q&A: NSW strata executive committee mass resignation, now what?

A Look Up Strata reader living in a NSW strata titled building where the majority of the strata executive committee has resigned from their positions, wanted to know what could be done.

The cause for these mass resignations is one long-term committee member who is trying to retain control of the building and how the committee goes about its business.

Answer: If your entire strata committee resigns, you may make application to NCAT for the Tribunal to order that a person convene a general meeting of the Owners Corporation.

Also, as the scheme is clearly dysfunctional, you may make application to NCAT for the compulsory appointment of a strata managing agent. In this instance, there would be no strata committee or Owners Corporation’s meetings and only the compulsorily appointed agent would make all decisions by itself for the usual period of 12 months (but up to 24 months).

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