Q&A: Bylaw Review – What if no changes are required?










The new Strata Schemes Management Act, which came into effect on 30 November 2016, stipulated the need for owners’ to review their existing by-laws within 12 months to determine whether they require any customisation to suit residents’ lifestyle. This deadline is now looming.

A LookUpStrata reader wanted to understand whether anything needs to be done in case the Strata Committee establishes that no changes are required to the By-Laws.

There is as abundance of information detailing the need for mandatory registration of any resulting changes or additions to by-law. However, there does not appear to be any information on what (if anything), owners’ are required to do during their By-Law review process, should they determine that no changes are warranted.

In summary, our response was as follows:

Most likely there is nothing that needs to be done, hence the lack of information in the Law. The strata scheme’s existing by-laws are already registered with the Registrar General’s office, and, therefore, do not need to be “re-lodged”. It is, however, open to you to lodge and register a Consolidated List of By-laws (so that all the previous registered dealing numbers are removed from the common property certificate of title and replaced by a single document and dealing number).

You can read the full article and our detailed response here.