Premium Strata celebrates 10 year anniversary!

This month we celebrated Premium Strata’s 10 year anniversary! We are proud of what we achieved and what Premium Strata stands for, and wanted to share this overview with key events and achievements.

How it all began.


After working in some of Sydney’s bigger strata management agencies, Leanne founded the agency in 2007 when she became frustrated that her growing portfolio was not allowing her to spend the time to service her clients she thought they deserved.

In 2012, Inger joined Leanne initially as a senior strata manager after having worked for some of the largest strata management agencies in Sydney. A short while later, Inger joined the management team as a director.

Stellar organic growth, through smaller portfolios.

To this day, Premium Strata continues to keep strata managers’ portfolios small – usually between 5 and 30 properties; in an industry where strata managers are typically assigned between 70 and 100 properties. This remains one of our unique features. We believe that this premium level of service builds trusting relationships, which in turn helps grow our business through word-of- mouth.

And growing we did! Without acquiring a single portfolio in the last ten years. Our 100% organic growth has taken us from a standing start in 2007 to a strata agent known industry-wide for its diamond class service.

In 2014, we moved into a new office to accommodate this growth.

The team has also grown from 2 to approaching 30! To accommodate this growth we had to move office. In 2014, we doubled our floor space. We remained at our Kippax Street, Surry Hills address but we simply moved down a floor into a fresh, modern new facility.

New logo, new website in the same year.

2014 was a big year for us. Besides the office move, we also launched our new brand accompanied by a fresh new logo and website, all representing what we stand for: our Diamond Class Service.

Building Management Services established in 2015.

In late 2015, Premium Strata recognised an opportunity to improve our services by establishing a sister company, Premium Building Management. Owners Corporations have told us that they appreciate the convenience and streamlined service of having Premium Strata and Premium Building Management work together.

All-inclusive, capped fees from the start.

We have always offered all-inclusive capped fees for our personalised, diamond class strata management services giving our clients peace of mind and a stress-free experience. We take great pride in the fact that we provide an unlimited, all-inclusive capped disbursements-fee for most disbursements.

Thank you, our valued customers!

We could not have achieved any of this without your trust and ongoing support for which we are deeply grateful. We hope to be able to continue to manage your properties for many years to come.