Premium Strata’s Smarter Strata owner seminar a great success!

Inger Brettle and Leanne Habib

On Monday, 17 July 2017, we had our very successful ‘Smarter Strata’ owner seminar at the Grand Central Room at the Mercure Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. We organised this event to help owners understand how the Strata Reforms introduced late last year, may impact strata living. We had a full house, with over 100 people attending this information session.

Leanne opened the night, providing an overview of the key legislative changes. Monika Jandrek from J Lawyers discussed how the requirements around Bylaws have changed, and what has changed around approvals for renovations within a lot. She explained the three categories of work (Cosmetic, Minor renovations, and Common Property Rights Bylaws), and the requirements for each of these.

Daniel Radman from Grace Lawyers presented on Levies and Debt Recovery. Importantly, he explained that if an owner is behind in levy payments (i.e. deemed “unfinancial”) his/her vote does not count at general meetings and he/she cannot vote at committee meetings.

Adrian Mueller from JS Mueller & Co Lawyers together with our own Inger Brettle had an entertaining segment on strata meetings, where Adrian acted as the meeting chair for a fictitious building called “Premium Paradise”, and Inger represented tenants, who are now allowed to attend meetings under certain conditions.

Adrian Mueller, Leanne Habib and Inger Brettle

Aylie Brutman from Economos Chartered Accountants was our last presenter. She covered off the ins & outs of strata accounting including admin funds, capital works funds, financial statements, and the mandatory audits for all strata schemes with annual income greater than $250,000.

If you would like to read an overview of the key legislative changes, please have a look at this article, which we wrote earlier this year.

We would like to thank Monika Jandrek, Daniel Radman, Adrian Mueller, Aylie Brutman and the team from Look Up Strata for their contributions in making this event such a success!

Last but not least, we would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for your ongoing support of Premium Strata

Aylie Brutman, Monika Jandrek, Leanne Habib, Inger Brettle and Daniel Radman.