Our Fees – Capped and All Inclusive – No Hidden Costs

Transparency is the policy and attitude Premium Strata takes in all its dealings with clients. You will find it in our strata fees, which are structured to reflect precisely the scope and quality of service we offer. We don’t keep anything hidden, nor do we back away from the commitments we make. From the outset, you are informed in very clear terms what strata fees apply, and what you can expect in return.

Premium Strata’s Diamond Advantage

As in any profession, with strata and community managers there is a range of skillsets, different levels of commitment and a variety of motivations. So, choose carefully.
Different agencies charge different fees. Quality of service will of course be a factor. But so too is disclosure. So, beware of hidden costs. Read the fine print carefully.

Premium Strata offers capped, all-inclusive fees, so you know what to expect and can budget accordingly. Perhaps, even more importantly, with Premium Strata the service you receive is a premium service. Our managers are chosen for their personal and professional qualities; for their experience, their skills and initiative. They are chosen because they share our passion and match our commitment to you – and that is the advantage of engaging our services.
For an assured, transparent and effective strata management plan, call Premium Strata today on 02 9281 6440