Strata Management

Premium Strata takes a streamlined, proactive approach to the management of your strata scheme. With Diamond Service you are assured of a licensed strata manager who handles ALL your enquiries. We take away the frustration of having to deal with a different person every time you call. One call, one contact, and one result every time.

Small Portfolios Personal Service

Premium Strata’s Diamond Service ensures the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in capable hands. Each of our licensed managers is assigned a small portfolio. Small means manageable, flexible and responsive. You can expect:

  • to speak directly to the person responsible for your care
  • to have your work-order actioned within 24 hours
  • to receive the best advice on how to manage your scheme – advice backed by an impressive bank of property expertise
  • you can expect our proactive managers to address matters early to avoid them turning into issues
  • to be guided to swift resolution when disputes arise – and they will, at one time or another, because that is just a fact of strata living
  • to be provided with all the information you need to avoid error and delay

A Total Management Approach

Premium Strata is all about sustaining a structure that keeps your day-to-day running as smooth as possible. Features of our service include:

  • We organise regular financial reports for all Owner’s Corporation strata members.
  • We provide 24/7 access to a centralised portal displaying all relevant property data and financial information, and allowing you to raise work requests and make payments.
  • Our Managers attend all scheduled committee meetings and update all owners promptly in respect of matters arising.
  • Our Managers have access to your data, even while out of the office, ensuring they can respond to your enquiries anywhere, anytime.
  • In the event of an after-hours emergency, a Strata Manager will be available for phone contact, allowing them to decide the true nature of the emergency, and whether or not its impact is on common property. This enables us to filter after-hours work requests, ensuring that only genuine emergency works are carried out at the higher after-hours rate.
  • We provide a list of tradespeople at each site, in case of an after-hours emergency.

Capped Fees, No Surprises

Best of all, our monthly rates and disbursement fees are capped. There are no hidden or additional expenses. You know from day 1 exactly what the costs will be, which allows for accurate budgeting. We offer a 6 month trial period after which, if clients are not thoroughly satisfied, the contract can be terminated, and the one-off integration charge will be refunded. Please contact us for terms & conditions.

Unique begins with You

We know the industry, and we can tell you straight: not all strata management agencies are the same. You won’t find Diamond Class Service anywhere else except at Premium Strata. We are unique, and unique begins with YOU.
Call us today on 02 9281 6440.