Our Directors

Collective Success /

The co-directors of Premium Strata boast an impressive CV of strata and community management achievements. Between them Leanne and Inger have managed major commercial, strata and community developments from Breakfast Point to Wollstonecraft, from Double Bay to Point Piper. The quality of their management skills comes highly recommended –– see Testimonials to learn more.

Diamond Class is a customer service platform built on Leanne and Inger’s shared experience and their defining commitment to service-first. Therein lies its strength. But as Premium Strata moves forward, we also want to thank our long-term clients for their loyalty, and assure them that continuing to meet their needs remains our top priority.

Leanne Habib – Director /

Leanne, co-founder of Premium Strata, is a licensed strata and community manager and a real estate managing agent with more years in the property industry than she cares to admit. Having previously worked in various senior management roles with large strata and community agencies around Sydney, Leanne has cultivated a niche in the Eastern Suburbs and North Shore.

As diverse and expansive as her experience is, one thing above all else has been the focus of Leanne’s professional life –– her clients. Ensuring their best interests are served and their outcomes achieved, continues to be the driving force behind her latest management initiatives. A member of Strata Community Australia, and a dynamic, forward-thinking individual, Leanne is committed to offering a level of service unmatched in the industry. That’s what makes Premium Strata a truly outstanding strata and community title management agency.

Inger Brettle – Director /

Inger is an A-licensed strata & real estate managing agent whose list of accomplishments references some of Sydney’s most prestigious strata and community association schemes. A qualified and highly experienced professional, Inger combines extensive knowledge of the legislation governing strata schemes with dynamic people and decision-making skills. She is diligent and absolutely reliable, and we doubt that you could find anyone to match her commitment to client service.

Inger brings to the team a rare combination of passion, vision, hard work and determination. The goal she shares with Leanne is to grow the Premium Strata brand into an industry icon, with a reputation built on innovative practice and outstanding service.