Clothing Away: socially & environmentally responsible clothing recycling

Premium Strata is proud to support Clothing Away, a not-for-profit organisation providing clothing bins for a free textile collection and recycling service to residential apartments in its efforts to help the environment and the community.

By using these free and convenient on-site clothing bins within your apartment waste rooms you will have the opportunity to recycle and donate to a worthwhile cause that gives back to the community as well as reducing water, energy and landfill consumption and resources in the process. Initiatives like these are becoming a popular trend within densely populated cities and areas as clothing and household textile waste becomes an increasing problem. 

Clothing Away re-uses up to 95% of clothing and textiles collected. All collected clothing, textiles and accessories are graded and repaired as required, and they are provided as alternative clothing options for the disadvantaged and to developing countries.

Clothing Away supplies FREE* textile collection and recycling bins on site in apartment waste rooms for the convenient collection of clothing and household textiles.

Recycle and donate your clothes and household textiles to make a positive impact on our environment while supporting charities that are determined to help those in need. For more information about installing a free clothing recycling bin at your building, please contact your Strata Manager, or visit the Clothing Away website.

*Please note Clothing Away can only install bins in buildings that consist of a minimum 50 units.