How the NBN or TPG’s broadband network affects buildings

You may have heard about TPG Telecom’s plan to compete head-on with the National Broadband Network (NBN) by rolling out their own fibre network to multi-dwelling units.

The NBN is a wholesale-only, open access platform. This means consumers can choose which service provider they get their broadband services from, in other words there is competition.

Owners should carefully consider the T&Cs if they are offered an alternative access deal by TPG (or others in direct competition with the NBN) as they may limit competition for broadband services in their building. Any such company would want to safeguard any capital investment by requesting exclusivity.

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  1. Inger Brettle says:


    I thought I’d post an update to the above article regarding alternative providers to the NBN.

    The federal government has capped the retail charges of cable internet service providers who were hoping to beat the NBN roll-out to high value apartment blocks. And these providers will be forced to separate their wholesale and retail arms, meaning they can not lock rival providers out of buildings that they have already cabled.

    Jimmy Thomson from the The Domain’s Flat Chat blog has written a worthwhile article with more details. Have a read below:

    • Inger Brettle says:

      As a further update to these posts, The Australian and AFR have reported that TPG Telecom has withdrawn its fibre-to-the-basement product from sale following regulations put in place by the government to protect the NBN from competitive threats.