Q&A: Who is responsible for floorboards in a unit?

Floor board repair strata unitOur CEO, Leanne Habib, provided a response to a LookUpStrata reader’s question regarding sanding and polishing floorboards.

In short the answer is ‘it depends’. If the flooring was installed at the time of construction, has not been altered since by an individual owner(s) and is affixed to the common property floor slab within your lot, and there is no special by law in place to determine who is responsible, the flooring will be deemed to be common property and the Owners Corporation would be responsible to repair and maintain.

However, there is the argument that the polish/lacquer is lot owner responsibility, as it could be considered that the polish sits within your lot space. Therefore, in practice, while the Owners Corporation are responsible to repair and maintain the floorboards, any cost for application of polish would be payable by you.

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