Q&A: Smoke Alarms in Strata Units NSW

Smoke detectors have an effective ‘use by date’ and back-up batteries should be checked and replacement frequently, however the entire unit usually needs to be replaced after 10 years.

A LookUpStrata reader wanted to know who is responsible to ensure that the smoke alarms in strata units are operational, and who is responsible for the replacement and installation of new smoke detectors?

In summary, the responsibility for the replacement of the smoke alarm is that of the owner and any smoke alarms in the common property would be that of the Owners Corporation. The smoke alarms need to have supply from mains electricity or a non-removable battery with a minimum life expectancy of 10 years that is connected to the alarm.

The Owners Corporation would not be in breach of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation if an individual lot had not replaced their smoke alarm if it has passed its use by date and this would not affect the Owners Corporation’s strata Insurance.

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