Q&A: How organise strata roof repair?

We provided another response to a LookUpStrata readers question. The reader recently moved into a strata building, and wanted to know how to go about organising a roof repair with limited funds available in the sinking fund. In summary, the roof is common property and as such a repair should be requested by the Executive Committee and…

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Q&A: Are executive committee paper resolutions legal?

Leanne has provided a response to a reader’s question received by LookUpStrata. The reader wanted to know whether an Executive Committee is allowed to pass so-called paper resolutions, rather than passing resolutions a during physical meeting.s You can read the full question, and Leanne’s response by clicking here.

How should Strata Meetings be run?

We have written a new article explaining how successful strata title scheme meetings, such as Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) should be run. We cover the meeting notification, proxy’s, voting instructions, meeting quorums and typical strata motions you can expect to find on your agenda. Hit this link for the full article, and…

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Executive Committee Nominations

The executive committee has a significant amount of power in the day to day affairs of the scheme, so needless to say, you don’t want to find out you got the nomination process wrong. Knowing if your nomination will be valid involves considering the following questions:   Who can make a nomination? Who can they…

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