Common mistakes people new to strata living make (NSW)

Jimmy T from the Flat-Chat website posted this informative article covering typical mistakes made by people who are new to strata living. The top 10 Forgetting about Strata Levies as part of your budget Not getting involved with the management of the strata building Not complaining about noise in the building Assuming, and blindly believing…

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NSW Strata Buildings with Aluminium Cladding – Read this

In the wake of the devastation of the London Fire, NSW Fair Trading is taking action concerning non-compliant aluminium cladding. Such action will include legal reform to give effect to: Having a specialist unit conduct an audit with a view to issuing orders against owners of buildings to remove non-compliant aluminium cladding materials. Requiring annual…

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How NSW Strata Apartments can install solar polar

It has been difficult for people in who live in apartments in NSW to install solar panels. This is often due to a fear of bureaucracy and resistance from the strata committees. This article discusses an example of Stucco, a small co-operative housing block in Sydney, which embarked on a mission to install solar power….

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